Entertainers for 2020 W.O.E.

The Huckleberry's                                               Friday 4 pm

How do you get a name for a band of musicians and friends? Do you sit up late at night, or does it come in a flash of white light... like The Huckleberrys. One of our favorite songs that we have been playing is Larry's song "Elderberry Wine". So as the need arose to have a name on this thing - The huckleberry fit the elderberry! But, it really was the movie that did it... Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday knows exactly what we mean - his best performance ever!

Larry Barkemeyer, the lead singer and songwriter is the inspiration and musical source-code of the Huckleberry Band. With old friends Jeff Boyle (bass), Tom Ellis (drums) and Colleen Ellis (vocals & guitar) the band was formed to play original & old time music in an acoustic format. Now that our old ears can't take those loud amps anymore, it was time to go a bit softer - not slow down mind you, just softer. Love that mountain music!

Larry and Jeff grew up in & around Cottage Grove, Oregon.. the home of the Huckleberrys. They have played together for years in various bands throughout the state and have friends and family that come to sit in and play the tunes at almost every opportunity.. Tom and Colleen have been in the area for 10 years - 'tho we have all been friends for much longer...

The band plays on and the huckleberrys grow just outside of town.

What's better than a signed poster of Justin Beiber?? Not much - till our best friend - Bill Daly of Hollywood fame and fortune sent us this pic of his own mother lode. A signed DVD of Tombstone by the "Huckleberry" himself: Val Kilmer! Are we jealous - you bet! Do we wanna touch the hand that touched the hand - you betcha!

Tatiamo                                                                      Friday 6 pm

Tatiamo is a great local band made up of 5 talented musician, Ian, Stephen, Francie, Julie and Matt. Tatiamo started about 7 years ago, lighting up peoples lives with their music. They play a variety of Americana,  Alt-country and Rock and Soul. Click here to read each band members bio.

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Annie Mae Rhodes Band                        Saturday  10 am

The Annie Mae Rhodes Band is one of Cottage Grove's most familiar and favorite local bands, which has performed bluegrass, country classics, oldies, gospel, and originals on the BMD Main Stage for many year.   The singer-songwriter's original songs can be on Cottage Grove's KNND radio station and on her hometown station WKRK in Murphy, North Carolina.

The band member's love of music and their energy-filled performances make folks want to sing-a-long and some even put their dancing shoes on!  The band members annually donate their time and talent to support local nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society of Cottage Grove

Dr Delusion's Illusions

Comedy Magic Show                          Saturday 12:30 pm

Dr Delusion is from Eugene Oregon and has been performing Comedy Magic shows for over 35 years. He is a Lifetime member of The International Society of Magicians. Has performed hundreds of shows throughout Oregon and Washington. We are happy to have him joining us again this year.

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The Men From S.U.R.F                                   Saturday 2 pm

We, The Men from S.U.R.F. have the only native music of California burned into our DNA. Countless teen-age hours spent playing the songs of The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Belairs, Jan & Dean, and of course, The Beach Boys, have etched this music into our collective souls. The Men from S.U.R.F. also play tunes from bands like Los Straitjackets, Jimmy Buffett, Eddie and the Showmen and in original surf style music from The Men from S.U.R.F. Based in the Pacific Northwest, The Men from S.U.R.F. are ready to surf on into your town and play a show!

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Outlaw Shine                                                    Saturday 4 pm

In May of 2016, Outlaw Shine came to the stage with an energy that could not be denied. Country music isn't a fad, it isn't something we listen to on the weekends. Country music is what we were raised on and it tells a story about our life. We love our families, our country and our freedom. Our ability to entertain is a gift and we give back to our community as often as possible. We play a variety of music, originals that tell our stories to Waylon, Hank and Johnny Cash to Bonnie Raitt, Tyler Childers and Ashley Mcbryde.  

Our band is recognized as a dance band, we teach country dance before and during and keep people dancing throughout the night. Outlaw Shine is a party, its a lot of shine mixed with some raw guitar licks, dirty drum beats and soulful vocals.

Matthew Marshall - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Sound Engineer -  The Outlaw

Debra Rachelle - Lead Vocals, Lighting Expert, Professional Dancer & Instructor, Marketing & Advertising Expert - The Shine

Melody Joy Jackson - Percussionist / Drummer Extraordinaire , heavenly harmonies

Mike the Spike - Bass & musical composer, storyteller and calm before the storm

RT - Lead Guitar, joke teller 

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Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill                    Saturday 6pm

Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill’s beautifully blended harmonies and captivating chemistry have made them wine circuit favorites across Oregon. They’ve been performing together for over 12 years, at one point also fronting two full bands (rock’n’roll cover band “The Blue Valentines” and their original alt-Americana group “Troupe Carnivàle”). They currently perform as an acoustic duo presenting “harmony-driven hits from the past, present and future,” weaving together a spectacular selection of songs, mixing those you know and love with others you will be thrilled to discover. With a repertoire spanning the 40’s to today, incorporating bits of rock, pop, blues, and country, their impeccable harmonies and charming personalities tie it all together into a one-of-a kind show you won’t want to miss!

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Old Time Gospel Fellowship                     Sunday 10am

Come join us Sunday morning 10am for Sunday service and songs at the main stage.

Want to learn more about Old Time Gospel Fellowship just click the Facebook icon

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Ten Spiders                                                            Friday 12 pm

About the Music

Ten Spiders is a regional folk rock band with a jammy edge. Front person Rossi radiates an indisputable passion, crooning the sweetest high notes to belting it, blues-style. The songs are buoyed by masterful guitar influenced by decades of playing banjo. Set to appealing, often funky grooves, witty lyrics reflect the angst and joy of life in the modern world.

About the Band

In the late 90s and early 00s, this band built a following on the east coast playing relentlessly at venues in 10 different states and appearing on radio and television. They released 2 CDs that were played on numerous radio programs.

Now they plan to repeat past successes on the west coast with an inspiring lineup of songwriters and versatile musicians, previewed on tracks on their 3rd studio recording "Dust Anyway". Together, they're spinning a new web sure to catch more fans in 2020 and beyond.

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2106                                                                           Sunday 2 pm

This amazing Oregon-based rock band consisting of members Cora B (Vocals), Joshua Ireland (Guitar), Alex Swanson (Bass), and Chris Gossett (Drums).  These amazing performers are all recent graduates from right here in Cottage Grove. Be sure to come check out these on the rise shining performers.