Entertainers for 2020 W.O.E.

Stay cool during the fair this year on the Mega Water Slide       Friday & Saturday 10am-dusk          Sunday 10am-4pm

Lots of fun at the fair this year come and keep cool on the MEGA Water Slide. Its 20 feet high slide with two lanes to slide down. Get your unlimited slide bracelets for a day or the weekend and it includes your fair admission. fun for all kids and adults

Almost Home                             Friday & Saturday  10am

Playing a Variety of music to please your senses

Almost Home

Willamette Valley Puppeters                    Friday  12pm

Gayle and Dorris will be returning to entertain one and all with their fantastic puppets! Come join the fun and play with the puppets.

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D.H. Scott                                                                 Friday   3pm

“DH Scott is a songwriter born in Bakersfield, CA and now resides in New Mexico. Scott spent his youth busking with his banjo and saw, hitchhiking and getting swept away in beautiful music, places, and people. It is easy to feel all that life and kindness, in his music and in his presence. Well traveled, a music lover with a giant heart, Scott writes simple folk songs on his guitar, his voice and words are sad, yet strong. Ballads of darker times on top of an often cheerful silver stringed guitar which he flawlessly picks, every note necessary and deliberate, his songs roll like a stream. These are songs that are going to keep you company, just like the friend DH Scott is to many folks along his forever tour, or perhaps they'll remind you the simple joy of forever rambling alone.”
-Adel Bengo, Records Records

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2106                                                                             Friday 5pm

This amazing Oregon-based rock band consisting of members Cora B (Vocals), Joshua Ireland (Guitar), Alex Swanson (Bass), and Chris Gossett (Drums).  These amazing performers are all recent graduates from right here in Cottage Grove. Be sure to come check out these on the rise shining performers.

Dr Delusion's Illusions

Comedy Magic Show                                       Friday 6pm

Dr Delusion is from Eugene Oregon and has been performing Comedy Magic shows for over 35 years. He is a Lifetime member of The International Society of Magicians. Has performed hundreds of shows throughout Oregon and Washington. We are happy to have him joining us again this year.

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Parsons Creek                                                    Friday   7pm

Parsons Creek plays infectious Swing and Jazz from the 20's - 50's that is fun and appealing for all ages.

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Annie Mae Rhodes Band                        Saturday  1pm

The Annie Mae Rhodes Band is one of Cottage Grove's most familiar and favorite local bands, which has performed bluegrass, country classics, oldies, gospel, and originals on the BMD Main Stage for many year.   The singer-songwriter's original songs can be on Cottage Grove's KNND radio station and on her hometown station WKRK in Murphy, North Carolina.

The band memebers' love of music and their energy-filled performances make folks want to sing-a-long and some even put their dancing shoes on!  The band members annually donate their time and talent to support local nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society of Cottage Grove

The Refreshments                                     Saturday  2pm

The Refreshments are a group of four fun loving, harmony singing, ukulele playing women who love to bring back those hit tunes from the '50's and '60's.  From the popular tunes to some of the fabulous but more obscure songs, they aim to keep the music of the doo-wop genre alive and well.

Just hover over the image to see a YouTube video

Tatiamo                                                             Saturday 4pm

Tatiamo is a great local band made up of 5 talented musician, Ian, Stephen, Francie, Julie and Matt. Tatiamo started about 7 years ago, lighting up peoples lives with their music. They play a variety of Americana,  Alt-country and Rock and Soul. Click here to read each band members bio.

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Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill                    Saturday 6pm

Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill’s beautifully blended harmonies and captivating chemistry have made them wine circuit favorites across Oregon. They’ve been performing together for over 12 years, at one point also fronting two full bands (rock’n’roll cover band “The Blue Valentines” and their original alt-Americana group “Troupe Carnivàle”). They currently perform as an acoustic duo presenting “harmony-driven hits from the past, present and future,” weaving together a spectacular selection of songs, mixing those you know and love with others you will be thrilled to discover. With a repertoire spanning the 40’s to today, incorporating bits of rock, pop, blues, and country, their impeccable harmonies and charming personalities tie it all together into a one-of-a kind show you won’t want to miss!

Skaal Krush

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Troupe Carnivàle

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Old Time Gospel Fellowship                     Sunday 10am

Come join us Sunday morning 10am for Sunday service and songs at the main stage.

Want to learn more about Old Time Gospel Fellowship just click the Facebook icon

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Living the Dream                                             Sunday 2pm

Living The Dream is a bunch of guys that play Classic Rock and Roll. With a combined total of over 100 years in the music business chasing our dreams, we have all decided to continue on with what we love doing best, performing live and “Living The Dream”. Rock & Roll Baby !!!

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