2019 Royal Court

WOE Junior Queen Wisper Pilling

Age: 14 

School Activities: Relay for Life field day, web leader, wrestling, track, cross country, ran for student council and book club

Volunteer work: Bohemia Mining Days, dog walking, Veterans day concert, library volunteer, WOE fair and Opal Whitley

Hobbies: Reading, sports, math, sleeping, running, dancing, singing, drawing and eating

What I would Like to do during my reign: I plan on having fun, and i want to be supportive of LGBT+ and make sure everyone feels safe being themselves and everyone should know that love is love.

What do I want to do when I get older? "My plans for the future are not really steadfast yet... I plan to go to collage, a good one. Then I'll get a job. I'm not sure yet what job, but nobody really knows at this age... I'm probably gonna choose something then change it and change it again, because nothings permanent. Right now I wanna be and astronomer... I want to study the universe and stars; maybe even go out there, but who knows... tomorrow I might want to be a lawyer or a mathematician.

Junior King

Shawn Intros

Age: 13

School Activities: Relay for Life field day, bike rider safety club, after school biking club, wood shop and baking club

Volunteer work: Relay for Life field day, Summer Reading and Fun, WOE overflow parking and fundraising

Hobbies: physical activities (all/most), swimming, rock climbing, gaming and collecting items

What I would Like to do during my reign: Do something to inspire others

What do I want to do when I get older? I would like to try a year of collage in computer coding or programming. My career goals are to be a YouTuber.

WOE Senior Queen

Jayden Poltera

Age: 15

School Activities: Web leader, Relay for Life, Key Club

Volunteer work: Pay it Forward, Alvord Taylor Community picnics, Summer Reading and Fun, and Relay for Life

Hobbies: Reading, drawing and canning

What I would Like to do during my reign: I love volunteering and would love to keep volunteering. Also I want to help get as many people involved in the community as I can.

What do I want to do when I get older? After high school I plan to travel for a year unless I have a scholarship. Then I plan to go to collage to be a vet or a vet technician. That would take 2-4 years and then I would try to get a job at one of the local Cottage Grove vet clinics.

WOE Senior King Justin White

Age: 15

School Activities: Concerts

Volunteer work: Working with the church and mowing lawns around Cottage Grove and Eugene

Hobbies: Boxing, hanging out with friends, and having fun

What I would Like to do during my reign: 

What do I want to do when I get older? My post High School education plans are me going to trade school for carpentry and/or construction. Then after that get hired as a journeyman.