Living the Dream                                             Sunday 2pm

Living The Dream is a bunch of guys that play Classic Rock and Roll. With a combined total of over 100 years in the music business chasing our dreams, we have all decided to continue on with what we love doing best, performing live and “Living The Dream”. Rock & Roll Baby !!!

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Parsons Creek                                                    Friday   7pm

Parsons Creek plays infectious Swing and Jazz from the 20's - 50's that is fun and appealing for all ages.

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The Refreshments                                     Saturday  2pm

The Refreshments are a group of four fun loving, harmony singing, ukulele playing women who love to bring back those hit tunes from the '50's and '60's.  From the popular tunes to some of the fabulous but more obscure songs, they aim to keep the music of the doo-wop genre alive and well.

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D.H. Scott                                                                 Friday   3pm

“DH Scott is a songwriter born in Bakersfield, CA and now resides in New Mexico. Scott spent his youth busking with his banjo and saw, hitchhiking and getting swept away in beautiful music, places, and people. It is easy to feel all that life and kindness, in his music and in his presence. Well traveled, a music lover with a giant heart, Scott writes simple folk songs on his guitar, his voice and words are sad, yet strong. Ballads of darker times on top of an often cheerful silver stringed guitar which he flawlessly picks, every note necessary and deliberate, his songs roll like a stream. These are songs that are going to keep you company, just like the friend DH Scott is to many folks along his forever tour, or perhaps they'll remind you the simple joy of forever rambling alone.”
-Adel Bengo, Records Records

Willamette Valley Puppeters                    Friday  12pm

Gayle and Dorris will be returning to entertain one and all with their fantastic puppets! Come join the fun and play with the puppets.

Almost Home                             Friday & Saturday  10am

Playing a Variety of music to please your senses

Almost Home